A list of services offered by Bhairavi Shera:

Language Decoding and Realignment
The language we use to communicate depicts more than we think. Tone of voice, body language and word choices give a window into your intellectual and conceptual mind as it was programmed by your environment, society and media. Your thoughts aren’t even your own and awakening to this truth is the beginning of your shift into a new life.

Language decoding sessions will decode your narrative, self-talk patterns to determine where underlying wounding is present. Do you notice that there are patterns of behavior and thought present in your life? Are you feeling as if things aren’t working for you in the way that you want? What happens is that core wounds have encapsulated themselves into the foundation of your building, your life, which creates a structure that is built on emotional instability. As a guide using language to identify and extract these wounds, Bhairavi will lead you into creating your own language medicine to heal your internal core wounding. She is not your healer. She is a guide for you to become your own healer for yourself. When core wounds are healed, all the layers that were built upon those layers will shift, too. Energy becomes more open and expansive; vision becomes more clear. Thoughts become more directed and purposeful and relationships become more synergistic and harmonious. Shifts happen in physical reality as well with better jobs, more fulfilling relationships with others and feeling more fulfilled in your life experience. Life becomes motivated, passionate and inspired!

Tap into the super powers of language and self-communication, and transform any aspect of your life! Communication and language are the network of connection between you and your best self! Are you ready for big transformation? Are you looking to discover your purpose and awaken into your power to fulfill it? Are you ready to receive the life you know is possible for you? Then, these programs are for you!

FREE – 15 minute consultation (Click here to contact Bhairavi Shera for scheduling)

The initial breakthrough session will discover areas of blocked energy and ongoing service will teach new methods of thinking and expression that will lead you to achieving better feelings, a more vibrant life experience and focus towards reaching your goals!!! Language is the ULTIMATE TOOL for goal achievement and are most often attained with ongoing mentorship and guidance. The intention is for you to become a master of your own communication so that you can go off and create the life of your dreams! We don’t want to work together forever, though reaching checkpoints and objectives doesn’t happen overnight. Make a commitment to yourself to look within to find your light. Once you find it… use it to heal yourself and then spread your healing light into the world! It’s your divine mission and destiny to do so! The tools of language and communication are among the most resilient and stand the test of time. Once you become a master of your internal environment, manifestation is at your fingertips!

Are you ready to harness all of your own power to live out your life purpose and achieve your destiny?!? We know you are!!!!


Breakthrough Session: One session (60 – 75 mins)
$397 *ONLINE SPECIAL: $247* until Jan 31, 2019.

Fundamentals: Includes an initial 60-75 minute breakthrough session, one 60-minute follow-up session and email support throughout the month. Customized to you.
$777 *ONLINE SPECIAL: $444* until Jan 31, 2019.

Vision: (3-month package) Includes an initial 60-75 minute breakthrough session, two 60-minute follow-up sessions and email support over three months. Customized to you.
$1111 *ONLINE SPECIAL $888* until Jan 31, 2019

Committed: (6-month package) Includes an initial 60-minute breakthrough session, five 60-minute follow-up sessions and email support over six months. Customized to you.
$2333 *ONLINE SPECIAL $2222* until Jan 31, 2019

Re-Birth: (1-year package) Includes an initial 60-75 min breakthrough session and 11 – 60 minute sessions monthly and email support over 12 months. Customized to you.
$4777 – *ONLINE SPECIAL $3888* until Jan 31, 2019

Language Realignment Bootcamp:
4-week customized, intensive and immersive program
$1588 – *ONLINE SPECIAL $1320* until Jan 31, 2019

Week 1: Illumination: Come into contact with your intention and your patterns of language that want healing and realignment.
Week 2: The Practice: Application of strategies to situations that realign neuro-cognitive programming to your initial intention. These strategies may be based on communication, nutrition and body movement.
Week 3: Generalization: Assessment of strategies that work and introduction of new strategies for best possible outcomes in reaching checkpoint goals to success.
Week 4: The Shift: Integration of tools and strategies into multiple areas of life outside of the initial intention for neuro-cognitive realignment overall. This is what you’ve been waiting for!

* Terms and conditions: Must be paid in full. Unless otherwise negotiated. All sessions are on the phone unless otherwise negotiated. No Refunds unless otherwise negotiated. All new clients go through the initial boot camp before signing on for a longer coaching package.*

Use the form below to send your requests to work with Bhairavi Shera.
In the comments, describe the package you are interested in.

We will contact you within 24-48 hours to set up your initial call!
We are so excited to work with you!



Intuitive Card Readings/Spiritual Guidance
Using a non-traditional psychic tarot deck look into the lessons that the past and future want to illuminate for the best outcome of the present situation. We can block our own growth and achievement by focusing too narrowly on one side of a problem. Becoming solution oriented is a key in reaching goals quickly. Learn to balance the internal energies to help bring about better feelings, more clarity and connection to your inner purpose and to ignite inspiration for creative solutions.
$125/hour; $94/45minutes; $63/30 minutes

Local Services

Private Hatha Yoga
$100/hr, $125/75 mins, $145/90 mins — Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Vinyasa

High Vibrational Crystalline Energy work
$65/30 mins, $130/hr

$60/30 mins; $110/hour, $135/90 mins – Fully clothed, dynamic bodywork focused on proprioceptive neuromuscular reeducation through movement of the connective tissue.

90-minute service that includes yoga and bodywork: $144 – add on high vibrational crystalline energy work for $25

90-minute service that includes 60-minute intuitive reading and language empowerment, and 30 minutes of high vibrational crystalline energy work: $175

Holistic Speech Language Pathology
$125 Evaluation/$99 treatment
Stroke rehab, communication disorders, aphasia, dysphagia, cognitive-communication disorders, stuttering, early intervention, social emotional disorders, accent reduction, articulation – ages 1 year and up

Holistic Plant-Based Nutritional Counseling
Initial consultation: $99 (60 – 75 mins)
One-month package: Includes an initial 60-minute consult, one 60-minute follow-up session and email support throughout the month: $190
Three-month package: Includes an initial 60-minute consult, three 60-minute follow-up sessions and email support throughout the three months: $360
Six-month package: Includes an initial 60-minute consult, five 60-minute follow-up sessions and email support over six months: $540
+ 10% discount on all nutritional workshops

Transformative Packages

The Beginning
1 – Private Yoga session
1 – Bodywork
1 – Language Decoding/Realignment with add on Psychic Tarot Session
(Three months to complete program from date of purchase)

The Elements
1 – Private Yoga Session
1 – Bodywork/Energy Work Session
1 – Language Decoding/Realignment with add on Psychic Tarot Session
1 – Nutritional Counseling Session
(One session a month for 4 months. Expires 6 months from purchase.)

The Seasons
1 – Private Yoga Session
2 – Bodywork/Energy Work Session
2 – Language Decoding/Realignment with add on Psychic Tarot Session
2 – Nutritional Counseling Session
(Expires one-year from purchase date.)

Human Rehab Program
8 – week customized program. Communication/language, lifestyle coaching including nutritional counseling, private yoga, bodywork and energy work as assessed and recommended. Evaluation costs included in package.

OR: Create your own package and negotiate a cost for services included.

***Ask and it is given.***

Lectures/Workshops: $27 – $100 Here is a link to upcoming events

Intuitive Reading Party: $150/hr (minimum 2 hours) includes 15 mile driving radius. Outside 15 mile radius +$33. Great for celebrations and parties! Gratuity not included.

Private Group Sessions: Intimate workshops and meditations in the convenience of your home $150 and up. (Please inquire)

Sessions may be completed in person or phone.

All dollar amounts are in USD. Gratuities and taxes for services are extra.

Payment plans are available. Please inquire.

For inquires, use the form below.





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